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Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour - 4lb and 25lb bags

Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour - 4lb and 25lb bags

$ 6.99 $ 34.99

*25 lb bags are on sale as they near their official best by date (8/8/18), though they should be fine for 6+ months if stored in cool dry place

Whole Grain Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour

"…flour that tastes radically different from the [other] stuff you get off the grocery store shelves." -SF Weekly

With its nutty aroma and full-bodied flavor, this high-protein flour is excellent for artisan breads, pizza doughs, and sourdough starters and goes hand in hand with the warm flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon. Try it in Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can substitute this flour for all-purpose white flour in many recipes. Due to its high amount of fiber, additional water or other liquid may be needed. 

13.61% protein.

Size: 4 lb or 25 lb

100% Whole Grain Wheat, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Kosher

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