Pipe Rigate – Premium Food Service Pasta - SALE
Bronze die extruded give it a rough surface, ideal for holding sauces
Pipe Rigate – Premium Food Service Pasta - SALE
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Pipe Rigate – Premium Food Service Pasta - SALE

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*Please note, we are offering this at a significant discount to you as the best by date is October 16, 2020. Storing any dry pastas in a cool, dry place prolongs freshness.

We are temporarily offering our premium food service pasta line to our online customers to help with the growing demand for our whole milled, whole grain pastas.

Hard Amber Durum | Commodity Grain

Our Food Service Pasta is made from conventionally grown wheat and is 100% whole grain. The small quantity of added vital gluten gives it a toothiness similar to white-flour pastas. Try it for your favorite baked pastas or a stovetop mac and cheese.

  • 100% Whole Grain & Whole Milled
  • Bronze Die Extruded: Creates a rough surface ideal for holding sauce
  • Grown in North America, milled & produced in Northern California 
  • Ingredients: 100% whole grain wheat flour, water, vital wheat gluten

100% Whole Grain, Certified Kosher, Non-GMO, Vegetarian

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