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Red Flint 'Floriani' Polenta Integrale

Red Flint 'Floriani' Polenta Integrale

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Red Flint Corn Polenta Integrale | Variety: Identity Preserved Floriani

Grown organically by Fritz Durst Farms in Capay, CA

*Note that each batch has its own unique milling characteristics. Some may be more coarse or fine than others.

Floriani Red Flint, a rare heirloom corn traditionally grown by Italian Alpine farmers, was carefully cultivated for a rich, mildly sweet, floral flavor. This luscious polenta pairs beautifully with the rustic flavors of Italian food — earthy dishes of mushrooms, dark greens, and braised and grilled meats. Try our polenta with kale pesto or as a savory breakfast.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Grain Polenta

Identity Preserved products take Community Grains’ commitment to transparency to the next level. Our 23 Points of Identity tells the whole story. Enter the batch # (found on your bag of polenta) on our site for detailed information about the corn variety, and how it was grown, stored, and milled.

100% Whole Grain, Non-GMO

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Bags are 1.5lbs (680g)

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