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NEW - Identity Preserved Cracked Wheat Hearth Bread (finish baking at home)

NEW - Identity Preserved Cracked Wheat Hearth Bread (finish baking at home)

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Cracked Wheat Hearth Bread

Identity Preserved Wheat Grown organically by Fritz Durst in Capay, CA

Our Hearth Bread is made from a blend of WB9229 (hard red) and Patwin (hard white) whole wheat flours. These grains are both grown by Fritz Durst in Capay, CA. The bread is made with simply this flour, water, sourdough starter, and time (12+ hour fermentation). Its hand shaped, baked 75%, and then flash frozen for freshness. It will come thawed in a plastic bag, and can either go right into the oven to finish baking, into the refrigerator for short term storage (1 or 2 days), or even the freezer (though the back and forth can damage the structure of the crumb). Our favorite thing to do is bake it right away and slice up the remainder to go back in the freezer, so you always have fresh bread on hand for toast.


Baking instructions:

You can get a really nice, crisp crust if you pat the bread down with water before placing in the oven.

From Thawed - bake at 385° for ~18 minutes. You'll know that its done when the crust is firm and the loaf is well browned.

From Frozen - bake at 400° for 25 minutes. You'll want to test that the center is warm with a baking probe or knife (from the underside of the loaf)

After baking let the loaf cool on an open-air rack for 20-30 minutes if possible so that the bread retains its moisture. The loaf keeps well in an airtight bag or container, or after a couple days can be sliced and stored frozen.


This hearth bread is the delicious every day bread that you want fresh on the table at dinner and toasted for breakfast again and again. It tastes amazing, the texture is crazy good, it's actually 100% whole grain, and the natural fermentation paired with all that fiber make it great for digestion.

It also keeps particularly well because the advanced whole milling of the flour fractures the starches and allows the dough to take on and hold more water, which translates to fantastically structured crumb that retains moisture over time.

It goes with literally anything and everything including of course your basic butter and salt.

  • 100% Whole Grain & Whole Milled
  • Grown & Milled in California
  • Identity Preserved (100% Traceable from seed to table!)
  • Ingredients: 100% Whole Grain Organic Wheat Flour, Water

Identity Preserved products take Community Grains’ commitment to transparency to the next level. Our 23 Points of Identity tells the whole story.  

Enter the batch # (found on your bread bag) on our site for detailed information about the wheat variety, and how it was grown, stored, and milled.  


*Any order with bread is shipped out on Tuesdays so that it is not delayed by the weekend. Please leave a note if you'd like yours shipped on Friday instead. For our east coast customers, we'd recommend that you select two day shipping.


Vegetarian, Organically Grown Wheat, Non-GMO, Kosher, 100% Whole Grain

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